Be Alone With Me: Poetry Moves Us


The book begins with Larry the romantic and then follows with the challenges of doing and living and questioning what we do to keep on trucking. Then it goes to quieter times when even nothing of consequence can gain your attention and appreciation for being alive. Still reality has its cold cut into our existence which is displayed in a battle poem and a walk on Tianamen Square. From there beliefs are what carry us on through our lives. The last chapter includes Haiku poems that compress so much about the serenity of nature in just three lines. Read aloud they are very much like enjoying a fine wine.

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Be Alone With Me: Poetry Moves Us

marci Be Alone With Me: Poetry Moves Us by Larry Golicz is a story about Larry, who is a hopeless romantic. There is a series of haiku poems throughout this book along with some other poems that will catch the readers eye, as they were able to catch mine.

Must read

Kelly Be Alone With Me is a must read for anyone looking for a moving collection of poetry. Larry Golicz captures a unique perspective on life and its moments through his words. The different stories and experiences shared provide a relatable, yet deep collection of poems that are sure to resonate with readers. I found that reading these poems allowed me to connect to a deeper level with my own emotions and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a new way to explore the deep recesses of their feelings and soul.

Love it

Sunday I loved this book! The author’s poetic style is both accessible and profound, and Larry’s story is one that will stay with me for a long time. Highly recommended!

I like it

Sakura I loved how Larry's work not only deals with deep and personal topics, but also manages to capture the essence of life's more mundane moments. The words jump off the page and it gives you the feeling that you are spinning through his thoughts in real time which makes the reader feel more connected to the messages and their meaning.


Scarlett Smith The haiku poems are simply remarkable. This is a beautiful book toread, especially if you appreciate Haiku poems!

Highly recommended book!

David Garcia message: This book is an authentic example of modern poetry. The author's exploration of the human condition is both harsh and beautiful, and Larry's story is a testament to the grit of the human spirit.


Gwen This book is a work of art! In it, life and death, love and grief, and everything in between are all explored in their complexity. You'll feel moved by Larry's narrative and be inspired to reflect on your own journey.


roberto 0321 "Be Alone with Me: Poetry Moves Us" is a moving and uplifting collection of poetry that is sure to inspire and move readers. Through his words, Golez reminds us of the beauty and complexity of the human experience and encourages us to embrace life with an open heart.

Would Recommend

Reifran My sister and I recently read Larry Golicz's Be Alone With Me, and it was truly inspiring. Each poem takes us into a kind of dreamscape, full of images and emotions. Whether dealing with sorrow or joy, the authors have a way of finding the perfect words to say just what we need to hear. A delightful collection for sure!

Very informative and one of a kind book!

Thalia Ashley This collection of poems written by Larry Golicz is extremely engaging and thought-provoking. The poems cover a range of topics, from love and romance to the challenges of life, and ultimately to finding peace and solace in nature. I particularly enjoyed the Haiku poems in the last piece which so succinctly expressed the majesty of the natural world. I highly recommend this book for readers who are looking to be moved by evocative writing.

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Michelle From his thoughtful words Golicz conveys a unique perspective on life, its beauty and issues. His poems bring up a range of topics from love to introspection. Each poem will truly challenge you to look a little bit deeper into yourself and the world around you. I highly recommend this book, it will be a worthwhile read on your leisure time.

A great book to buy

Wendell Undeniably, Larry Golicz has a unique way of making his way to every reader's heart and move them with his words. I too as a reader found myself moved by his words as he opened up a world of emotions that I was not expecting. His poems will make you ponder and reflect on your life experiences. Truly, a great read!

Great read

Sandy Be Alone With Me: Poetry Moves Us is quite simply one of the best collections of poetry I have ever read. Each poem shows an incredible range of emotion, thought and feeling. On one page you'll find a dark, introspective reflection and on the next an inspiring ode to life's beauty. One thing that stands out is how effortlessly the poems seem to move between such disparate topics. No matter what mood you're in, this is a great collection to explore.


Walter As a poetry enthusiast, I'm happy that this book did not let me down. Be Alone With Me has all the elements you'd expect: heartfelt expressions, vivid settings and a wide range of topics. The style is accessible while still being powerful and thought-provoking. Highly recommended!


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Be Alone With Me: Poetry Moves Us
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