The Fifth Day Lady: Can She Make it Work?


Josephine goes undercover as a rich married woman in Siesta Key in Florida, where she purposely meets a dentist named Julio, suspected of having too much money as a dentist with a million dollar polo team. A former barrel racer in rodeos at an early age, can Josephine help Julio, hurt on the field, win a Polo match in West Palm? Josephine also risks exposing her cover with military skills in a chopper attack by a Miami drug king. And Julio’s mother, Lucia, jealous and suspicious, plans to kill her.

In Buenos Aires, Josephine, at odds with her affection for Julio, convinced Julio that his mother smuggles drugs through her business. With a huge network discovered, new members join the mission to stare down death. In a final drug war can the team destroy a smuggling system when no one else could?


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The Fifth Day Lady: Can She Make it Work?
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