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Our bespectacled fish reveals his curiosity and caution as he befriends both humans and ocean dwellers beneath the water’s surface. Ultimately, he brings together a community of Pacific Coast reef inhabitants to help save their homes. For many of the fish swimming in the Pacific reefs, a boat on the water’s surface signals “terror in the sky.” But when a young girl named Marsha loses her glasses over the side of one of these “floating islands,” they serendipitously land on the face of a speedy little “Manini” fish known as “Bad Eyes.” In a gesture of friendship, Marsha leaves her new finned acquaintance with this miraculous gift. From there, the detailed characters and action draw interest while his questioning dialogue weaves in an educational component that relays information about creature characteristics, habits, and the ocean’s decline in this magical and creative foray into the ocean realm of a myopic fish. Even a big-eyed, noodle-legged octopus brings a teachable moment, commenting that “beauty comes from what I can do, not how I look.” Character interactions are brought full circle with Marsha’s return in the final chapter, and the story ends on a positive note, teasing more adventures with Bad Eyes and Marsha to come.

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roberto 0321 The book follows Marshall as he embarks on a quest to find his glasses, encountering various sea creatures along the way.

One of the strengths of the book is its ability to provide important life lessons in an entertaining and engaging way. Marshall's journey teaches children the importance of responsibility, perseverance, and problem-solving. The story also emphasizes the value of seeking help from others and working together as a team.


Scarlett Smith A heartwarming children's book that teaches valuable lessons about friendship and seeing the world in a different way. You don't need glasses to see the beauty of the world.


Kelly A delightful blend of adventure, friendship, and courage. Larry Golicz’s A Fish Called Bad Eyes: Finding Marsha’s Glasses is the perfect pick for your little ones. Not only is it entertaining, it also teaches meaningful lessons about friendship and responsibility. Through an exciting adventure, the characters takes us in an incredible journey. The illustrations are bright and lighthearted, perfectly capturing the spirit of the story. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful story to share with their little ones. It’s sure to bring smiles all round!

Five Stars

Gloria M. Schroedel Very entertaining book.

Very inspiring!

Reifran Very inspiring! When the main character, Bad Eyes, discovers a pair of glasses in the ocean and discovers that his eye vision clears when he puts them on. Larry Golicz teaches children that one thing (like a poor vision) can't stop them on becoming a better version of themself and be successful.


Andrew M. The plot is full of colourful characters, breathtaking adventures, and captivating lessons that children will truly enjoy. The themes of friendship and taking responsibility for one’s actions shine through in a touching way. I highly recommend this book to all children who are looking for an entertaining and memorable read.

A must read!

Sakura On the surface this looks to be your typical wild, whimsical adventure story — a middling Manini fish with declining eyesight is given a chance to save his reef community when a pair of glasses falls from the surface. But at its core, this is a story about the balance of nature and its fragility and how it's up to us to preserve it for future generations. Bad Eyes, the main character, pulls together help from various sea creatures and gains confidence and understanding throughout his journey. This story provides a great perspective for young readers to learn about the need to protect our natural resources.


Walter Bought this book as a present for my younger brother; even though this book is for him, I thoroughly enjoyed this children's book. The story was imaginative and full of adventure, while still being developmentally appropriate for children. The characters were likable and endearing and the illustrations were captivating — all these elements contribute to the entire mood of the book.


Gwen I would highly recommend this book for children of all ages. It was a refreshing and enjoyable dive into imaginative and interesting stories. It was engaging for my 8 year old daughter. The illustrations added an extra layer of creative fun. The story is well-crafted and the plot is patterned for a wide range of interests.


Brooklyn H. I loved how the book can be interpreted in many ways. As I read the book to my niece and nephew, I discovered that aside from it's message about marine life, the book also teaches the young readers that a small pebble can't make them stumble. That they can be great and they can achieve their dreams and goals despite the challenges.

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