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A Fish Called Bad Eyes​

In a world where magic intertwines with reality, the Hawaiian reefs teem with life, safeguarded by schools of manini fish. Among them is Bad Eyes, a tiny manini with flawed vision, relegated to the rear of his school as both bait and protector. But when a serendipitous pair of glasses falls upon him, Bad Eyes embarks on an unforgettable adventure, proving that even the smallest heroes can make the biggest difference in preserving our environment.

The Fifth Day Lady

Can she make it?

Join Josephine on an adrenaline-pumping undercover mission as she masquerades as a wealthy married woman in Florida’s Siesta Key to meet Julio, a suspicious dentist with unexpected riches. Thrilling polo matches, dangerous encounters with a drug kingpin, and the risk of her cover being blown keep the stakes high as Josephine and her team work to dismantle a robust smuggling network in a nail-biting drug war. Action-packed and suspenseful, can Josephine and her team succeed where others have failed? 

Be Alone with Me

Step into the world of Larry, the hopeless romantic who kick-starts an exhilarating journey through life’s thrilling highs and profound lows. Navigate unexpected challenges, find joy in moments of quiet wonder, and feel the stark realities through powerful battle verses and a haunting walk on Tiananmen Square. Just when you believe you’ve seen it all, prepare for the poetic twist – Haikus that distill nature’s serenity into a mere three lines. Dive in, read aloud, and savor each chapter as you would a fine wine, reveling in the wild, wondrous tapestry of life.

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